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Period advice

Read packaging

You should read the packaging carefully to try to find out what tampons and pads are made from before buying because most are made from synthetic materials that are made without care for the environment or your health.

Avoid Synthetic Material

Try to avoid tampons made from materials like rayon and viscose which are man made (synthetic) and pads that use lots of plastic, and synthetic materials that claim to be “cotton-like” as they are largely made from synthetic materials.

Choose Natural Product

Organic cotton tampons and plastic and chemical-free pads are recommended by many gynaecologists in order to avoid the risk of allergic reaction caused by exposure to synthetic materials and chemicals. Try to choose natural products whenever possible.

Puberty in Girls

Age for Puberty

There are natural chemicals released in our bodies that even control how our body develops, as we grow older.These natural chemicals are called Hormones. They are so special that, between the ages of 9 and 17, they begin the process of Puberty.This is the part of our growing up when changes inside and outside of our bodies means that we are passing from being children to becoming adults.

Body Changes

First you will start to grow much quicker than before. This is called a growth spurt. Your arms and legs grow quicker than your body to start with, so you might feel a bit awkward or clumsy until your body catches up about a year later. This growth spurt also signals that your period (menstrual cycle) will begin in 6 months to a year.Your breasts will start to develop.

First Period Question

When will I get my period ?

Periods are a sign that you have reached puberty. The first period usually happens between the ages of 12 or 13, but could begin as early as aged 8 or as late as aged 17.

How will I know that my period is coming ?

There may be signs such as the breasts becoming tender and the abdomen (tummy) may swell and feel uncomfortable. You might even feel tired and a bit moody and get a crampy feeling in the lower back, legs or tummy

How often will I have my period ?

About once a month. The days between the first days of your bleed to the first day of the next month are known as the Menstrual Cycle. It can be as little as 21 days or as long as 35 days between bleeding and it can change month to month.

What should I use when I’m on my period ?

Sanitary pads fit inside your pants by means of a sticky strip, which keeps the pad in place. There are different types of pads. Some are for the earlier days of your period when the blood loss is heavier, and others for less heavy days towards the end of your period


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